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The "Code with Ava in kindergarten" application package can complement the daily educational activities for preschool children , as well as corrective and compensatory, revalidation and didactic classes. It can also make the time spent by children in school day-care centers, educational institutions, institutions organizing children's free time more attractive.
The applications are dedicated in particular to coding classes for the youngest preschool children - 5-7 years old. For individual and group work.
The applications are designed for interactive floors powered by Motioncube and for interactive boards. Check devices.
The applications on the interactive floor are controlled by light pens.
Fictionalized applications create a play package full of adventures and interesting missions to perform. The games and activities contained therein provide an opportunity to stimulate the development of visual perception, spatial orientation, logical and algorithmic thinking. The aim of the work of specialists creating this package was to create a tool that, by using boards with a grid of fields (from 3x3 to 10x10), will enable shaping the skills of coding and algorithms in early childhood education.
Children can practice sequencing, pattern recognition, problem solving, and creative thinking. The ability to track the sequence being executed on the board makes it easier to understand and detect any mistakes in the code made up of a sequence of directional arrows. The applications support the development of mathematical skills, such as recognizing digits in ascending and descending order, learning a simple coordinate system, eg A-B-Cx1-2-3; language skills, such as systematic reading of letters, recognizing letters, putting them into words, reading them. Depending on the application, students may search for a single solution or come up with their own paths and patterns. They can also observe and repeat the sequence of symbols, or arrange the route themselves or create a graphic drawing. Code with Ava in kindergarten is a multifunctional tool supporting learning the basics of coding.
The authors of the package tried to respond to the developmental needs of preschool and school children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games and plays.
7 thematic sections - 26 applications - 768 interactive coding boards
The "Code with Ava in Kindergarten" Coding Basics course contains twenty-six applications from the thematic sections of the extended "Code with Ava" course: Graphical Coding, Sequences, Mazes, Routing, Letters and Words, Numbers and Actions , Co-ordinates. The applications have been selected in order to work with the youngest preschool children.
Each application is a set of properly designed interactive coding boards . The board consists of a grid of fields (3x3, 6x6, 10x10) and a tool with which the child solves the task to complete the mission of Ava's heroine, e.g. designs the route with arrows, creates colorful pictures by applying colors to the grid, marks the boxes directly on the grid. board.
The applications use the ability to vary the level of difficulty by the size of the boards used, the length of the mapped routes, the complexity of the patterns used, the range of numbers, the number of items to be collected or avoided on the boards. Applications can be divided into two workspaces, so you can work on any two boards simultaneously. It is a comprehensive tool that supports learning coding and algorithms in early childhood education .
The protagonist of the course is Ava, a brave traveler who traverses the planets in the Funn Galaxy, who carries out many missions for the sake of the peaceful life of its inhabitants. Ava has seven planets to visit: Planet of Artists, Explorers, Alchemists, Gardeners, Wild West Planet, Librarians and Scientists. Each of them has a lot of different tasks to perform that help children understand and master the basics of coding step by step.
The package includes two applications for creative work - graphic design of any pictures (Create your own picture) and paths (Create your own route)!

Active support for the child's development

With the course Code with Ava in kindergarten you can practice:

  • visual perception;
  • spatial orientation;
  • eye-hand coordination;
  • classification of items;
  • patterns recognition;
  • creation sequences of commands to control objects;
  • reading skills, systematic familiarization with letters;
  • the ability to recognize popular species of plants and animals;
  • the ability to understand basic mathematical concepts;
  • independent and creative thinking.

Applications included in the course

Code with Ava in Kindergarten course consists of 26 applications divided into 7 thematic sections.

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Why Code with Ava in kindergarten?

  • It is a collection of exercises and games which, by adjusting the appropriate level, become a carefully selected didactic means.
  • Introduce the youngest to the world of coding in an interesting and interactive way.
  • Support the development of logical and analytical thinking in children in a large, graphically attractive format.
  • Tested and recommended by children and teachers.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive board interface.
  • Traveling with Ava educates and entertains!
Why Code with Ava in kindergarten?

Code with me in the kindergarten!

I will be your guide on a journey through the Funn Galaxy!