Luminous Planet In Trouble

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The Luminous Planet In Trouble applications complement everyday educational activities for children in early school, as well as corrective and compensatory and revalidation classes. They can also be a great alternative to traditional coding learning in front of the computer screen, making the time spent by children of all ages more attractive and energetic in educational institutions, community centers and at home.
This collection of applications is specifically intended for teaching programming basics to early school and school children.
The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.
The applications are controlled by body motion.

The Luminous Planet In Trouble is the first part of the original programming methodology at the stage of early childhood education. The applications included in the package are designed to introduce early chool children to the world of selected programming concepts in an interesting, attractive formula of games and activities. Moreover, the activities proposed in this game collection may support the development of motor coordination, visual perception, and logical and algorithmic thinking.

The applications included in this collection are aimed at introducing schoolchildren to the world of selected programming concepts in attractive movement games and activities. The games illustrate following concepts: logical comparison, values - true or false, data sorting, collection, encryption, iterative loop, pattern recognition, conditionals, communication, backup storage, pair programming, specification, decomposition, sequencing, instruction, algorithm, repairing faults, special characters, searching in the set according to a given criterion.

In addition, all games are based on exercises stimulating cognitive functions, i.e. sight, hearing, movement, memory and can be a very attractive set of revalidation exercises for school-age children.

The authors of the Luminous Planet In Trouble tried to respond to the physical development needs of children in early school age, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games.

The Luminous Planet in Trouble consists of sixteen richly illustrated interactive and logical games. Each game begins with a short story about the Lumies, which explains the purpose of the game to children, and ends with a reward in the form of congratulations and applause. The applications have been designed to provide a portion of entertainment and move that is a perfect variety of everyday activities, and at the same time offer a friendly form of work on the basic concepts related to IT and programming. The applications are pleasantly sounded to additionally make the time spent on the interactive floor more pleasant for children.
All applications included in the package are embedded in an interesting narrative. The Lumies are very small robots that communicate with each other using a code made of coloured lights. The energy flow on their planet was disrupted by the Draconid rain - a swarm of cosmic meteors. There are various examples in the applications of how you can help the Lumies restore communication that is so important to the proper functioning of their planet. The applications from the Luminous Planet in Trouble have been provided with graphics, which were nominated in 2020 in the Polish Graphics Design Awards competition in the Motion Graphics - Interactive Animation category.

Active impact on child’s skills development

Activities based on applications from the Luminous Planet support:

  • perception;
  • motor coordination;
  • pattern recognition skills;
  • spacial orientation;
  • the ability to distinguish between objects, classify objects, identify them, and arrange them in sequence;
  • logical and algorithmic thinking, problem solving skills;
  • to concentrate attention;
  • gaining knowledge on Internet and computer usage;
  • understanding the basic concepts of programming.

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Complete information on the Luminous Planet In Trouble.
List and descriptions of all applications.

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Why to choose the Luminous Planet In Trouble?

  • Interesting programming concepts in fantastic movement games.
  • Logical, algorithmic puzzles with shining Lumies.
  • Simple to use.
  • Graphically beautiful.
  • Checked by teachers.
  • Very much liked by children.
Why to choose the Luminous Planet In Trouble?

The Lumies need Your help!

Follow the rules of energy transfer on their planet and rescue them!