PC, IWB: Motioncube for personal computers and interactive whiteboards

You can use Motioncube applications on interactive whiteboards and computers operated by a keyboard, mouse or touch.

We offer single-workstation licenses (dedicated to home users or for interactive boards) and multi-workstation licenses (dedicated to educational institutions) for applications.

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Computer workstations

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Interactive boards, touch screens

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Touch tables

Start using Motioncube educational apps in your school today

3 steps to run Motioncube apps

  • 1

    See the app catalog

    Applications adapted for interactive whiteboards and touch screens

  • 2

    Download the free Player

    Free Motioncube Player for Windows 10 is required to run the application

  • 3

    Try and order applications

    Try the apps before buying and choose the convenient purchase method.