Fairy Tale Puzzles

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How to use the applications?

On the interactive floor

On the interactive floor

On the interactive table

On the interactive table

On the interactive wall

On the interactive wall

Use the IR pen

Use the IR pen

For one player or a team

For one player or a team

Divide the interaction area to workspaces

Divide the interaction area to workspaces

Read more about the Fairy Tale Puzzles

The Fairy Tale Puzzles support the strengthening of children's reading interests by referring to the content of famous fairy tales. The proposed activities develop creative problem solving in various fields by awakening the cognitive curiosity of students and stimulating their motivation to learn.

Interactive games in the collection help to consolidate the spelling of words, develop visual perception and eye-hand coordination.

The games can also be an interesting educational aid in learning English because the puzzles are based on English fairy tale titles and words.

The app-based activities develop memory, imagination and language competences. Proposed games practice perception, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking and cooperation. They can be played by one person or in pairs.

The authors of the games tried to respond to the development needs of school-age children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games.

The Fairy Tale Puzzles game collection can complement everyday educational activities for early school and school children, as well as corrective, compensatory and revalidation classes. It can also make the time spent by children of all ages more attractive in day-care centers, educational institutions, community centers and at home.

Everyone can play and check himself if he remember the known tales well.

The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.

These apps are controlled by the interactive pens.

The Fairy Tale Puzzles include six games. These activities are based on the mechanisms of well-known games, such as hangman, picture puzzles, mazes, memory and wordsearch. See the list of applications for details.

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Child development support

With the applications of the Fairy Tale Puzzles you can practice:

  • memory and concentration;
  • visual perception and cause and effect thinking;
  • linguistic competences related to the content of fairy tales;
  • abstract and logic thinking, understanding rules;
  • expressing emotions, controlling them;
  • cooperation.

Take the Applications Guide with you!

Complete information on the Fairy Tale Puzzles.
List and descriptions of all games.

Inspirations wait for you to make it real!

Why to choose the Fairy Tale Puzzles?

  • The heroes of famous fairy tales will surely engage students to play in educational, interactive games.
  • Can be used for various purposes, for different age groups due to the universal and popular content of the games.
  • Intuitive interface of games.
  • Checked by children and teachers.
Why to choose the Fairy Tale Puzzles?

Explore the world of fairy tales!

Check yourself in the Fairy Tale Puzzles!