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Control method: Motion interaction

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The first wedding party games with the ability to personalize the applications!







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What is the app collection for?

For animating wedding guests and the married couple using motion games on the interactive floor.

What can be customized in the app collection?

Wedding date, spouses' names, individual wishes or congratulations.

What is included in the wedding party collection?

12 body-controlled apps. The collection includes the most recommended and selected interactive games and activities, in which several people can participate simultaneously.

How to run the applications?

Games are intended for an interactive floor compatible with Motioncube. The games are controlled by the movements of the players moving across the floor.

Why choose a wedding game collection?

  • It is a great selection of applications on the interactive floor that will bring joy to the young couple and their guests at the wedding party.
  • New among interactive applications, due to the possibility of personalizing them in terms of: spouses' names, wedding date and wishes!
  • Great interactive fun for large and small wedding guests.
  • You will start the games automatically from the playlist.
  • The elegant and subtle graphics of the games will perfectly match the tone of the wedding party.
  • The only such app collection on the market!
Why choose a wedding game collection?

Organize a wedding party in style!

The married couple will feel even more special when they see their names in the games.