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The Robot's Adventures application package can complement everyday educational activities for children in preschool and school age, as well as corrective, compensatory and revalidation classes. It can also make the time spent by children of all ages more attractive in day-care centers, educational institutions, community centers and at home.

The applications are intended for exercises with the use of remotely controlled vehicles. They are recommended in particular to people who like controlled toys and looking for interesting challenges for them!

The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.

The applications are controlled by remotely controlled vehicles, such as toy cars or interactive robots operated using dedicated mobile applications or a remote control.

The package may support the child's activity by shaping the ability to use the developing mental cognitive processes, such as logical, cause-effect and algorithmic thinking. The games included in the package enable the implementation of the content in the field of programming and problem solving with the use of a computer and other digital devices, resulting from the provisions of the Basic General Education Program for Primary School.

The applications define missions for children and their robots, thanks to which the child will spend time in a useful and interesting way by controlling their favorite toy. This is a collection of skill games that stimulate visual perception.

The authors of the package tried to respond to the developmental needs of preschool and school children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized safe games.

The Robot's Adventures package contains five applications that constitute boards for controlled robots and other digital devices. The applications consist of tasks involving the interaction of the robot with the board: driving the robot, collecting items, transporting items, drawing via the robot.

See the list of applications for details.

Active support for the child's development

With the Robot Adventures applications, you can practice:

  • controlling a digital device;
  • visual perception and cause and effect thinking;
  • logical and algorithmic thinking;
  • planning and foresight skills;
  • creativity;
  • cooperation in a group;
  • knowledge of the natural environment;
  • knowledge of basic road signs, compliance with road safety regulations;
  • use of the provided technology, in accordance with the established rules.

Take the Applications Guide with you:

Complete information on the Robot Adventures.
List and descriptions of all applications.

Inspirations wait for you to make it real!

Why to choose Robot Adventures?

  • Introduce students to the programming world using robots.
  • Use predefined tasks that combine IT with content from other education.
  • Intuitive interface and easy to use.
  • Richly illustrated with the original designs of our computer graphics.
  • Your robot will surely enjoy these missions!
Why to choose Robot Adventures?

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Control a real toy and experience amazing fun!