Kodi and the Secret Castle

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Go through several stages of the game and gain new skills. Learn to code with Kodi!

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How to play the games?

On an interactive floor, table, or wall

On an interactive floor, table, or wall

Use the IR pen

Use the IR pen

Team play

Team play

Run the game on the interactive board or PC also

Run the game on the interactive board or PC also

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Who is the course for?

A set of 422 algorithmic challenges with a graded level of difficulty is dedicated to individual and team work, for people aged 10+.

It is intended for computer workstations, interactive boards or interactive floors.

What are the objectives of the course?

Introducing the secrets of algorithmics through play and fun! By programming the movements of the heroes on the boards, performing the necessary actions and building more and more complex structures, players gradually expand their competences in the field of designing sequential as well as concurrent algorithms controlling objects. Mastering these skills will allow them to develop more efficiently in the next stages of education.

Course structure

This is an advanced course of algorithmics divided into 3 parts:

  • I-basics,
  • II-combinations,
  • III-concurrent movement.

It consist of a total of 422 levels arranged in 25 thematic applications.

What does it teach?

Issues in the course:

  • navigation,
  • iteration loops,
  • nested and conditional loops,
  • variables,
  • functions with/without parameters,
  • variables as value, state, operation,
  • If-Then (-Else) conditional statements,
  • sequential and concurrent programming.

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Learn how to code with Kodi and the Secret Castle in the Teacher Help Center.

Resources for Teachers

Active support of the student's development

By constructing algorithms with Kodi and the Secret Castle, you can shape:

  • the knowledge and understanding of basic programming constructs;
  • the ability to create complex algorithms with nested constructs;
  • the ability to control three heroes sequentially;
  • the ability to control three heroes concurrently;
  • independent and creative problem solving;
  • visual perception;
  • pattern recognition;
  • algorithmic thinking;
  • cooperation in a group.

Applications included in the course

Algorithmics tutorial - theory in practice! Over 400 missions with graded difficulty, divided into three parts.

Download the Secret Castle guide!

The most important information about the package.
Course structure.
Key topics.

Why to choose an algorithmic course with Kodi and friends in the secret castle?

  • Built-in tutorials for each part of the course.
  • "Boards 0" with arranged code, which facilitate the understanding of the introduced issues.
  • The logical structure of the course, division into issues and gradual increase in difficulty on the boards.
  • Engaging theme of castle scenery, mysterious characters and magical items that save the lives of heroes.
  • The possibility of constructing a variety of algorithms, from simple to very complex in the form of several programs, even for one board.
  • Implementation of content in the field of sequential and concurrent programming.
  • Great fun at home and at school!
Why to choose an algorithmic course with Kodi and friends in the secret castle?

Algorithmics without secrets!

Program all the heroes and get Kodi out of the castle!