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Control method: Motion interaction

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First on the market collection of customizable effects for business!




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12 interactive applications

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The collection consists of 12 motion-sensitive animations on the interactive floor. The collection allows you to replace graphics in applications.

Applications can be used for many business purposes: for presentation and advertising of a company, promotion of brands and products, to animate customers, audiences and visitors through physical involvement in interactive play on the floor.

Animations are intended for an interactive floor with motion interaction, with the Motioncube Player software installed. Install Motioncube Player on your computer and try the apps for free. (Info: In the program options, select the software for interactive floors to see motion-controlled applications and login to your Motioncube account to try demo version of the application.)

The collection allows you to insert your own graphics of backgrounds and moving objects. All you need is three graphics: two backgrounds and one object, to change the collection appearance.

You can configure all animations at once with the same graphics or customize each application individually for twelve unique applications.

You will do it in three steps:

  1. Log in to your Motioncube store account and add your artwork to the Media Library.
  2. Sign in on your device to access your graphics on the interactive floor.
  3. Enter the Move Your Brand package and select Configure. Replace the default graphics in the collection with your own.

See sample frames from the applications

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Selected projects using Move Your Brand

Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting

Interactive animations on the floor to promote the event

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SmartFloor brand

SmartFloor is an interactive floor based on Motioncube technology.

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Theater Lamus, Teatr of Juliusz Słowacki in Krakow

The picture shows the Scattered items application, projection on a wooden floor.

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Researchers' Night in Krakow

The picture shows the Moving mosaic application.

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Media for autism

In the photo, the Reveal the image application.

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Why choose Move Your Brand app collection?

  • Easy to configure, because only three graphics are enough to create an interactive ad.
  • Impressive - the animations react to the movement of people walking on the interactive floor.
  • Ease of change - you can quickly change the look of the animation. All you have to do is replace the background or object graphics in the application.
  • Unattended fun - launch your playlist with one click. Forget switching apps.
  • It is effective in action, because playing on the floor arouses the interest of the environment.
  • Reusable! - Multimedia setting just in time for trade fairs, conferences, sports events, company parties.
  • With Move Your Brand you will create the WOW effect!


Interactive show on a company background!