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Control method: Motion interaction

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On the interactive floor

On the interactive floor

On the interactive table

On the interactive table

Interaction via body movement

Interaction via body movement

Team play

Team play

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What is the app collection for?

Movement and fun are essential! The applications are used to organize games, free time and recreation. The universal graphics in games mean that these applications can be used on many different occasions.

What games are included in the collection?

Players can choose from various forms of physical activity, consisting of collecting elements, catching moving elements, controlling objects, avoiding obstacles, moving objects, etc. Some games will motivate you to run, others to jump, carefully observe the board and react quickly to changes.

What are the goals of the applications?

The proposed games focus on the possibility of cooperation in a group, perceptiveness, and developing motor skills. In addition, the applications are equipped with colourful, expressive graphics to ensure that playing on the boards provides players with a pleasant visual experience

What will you run the applications on?

Apps are intended for the Motioncube interactive floor. The games are controlled by the movement of the players' bodies.

Active support for child development

By working with the For Fun application collection, you can shape:

  • motor and sensory skills;
  • respecting the rules of team games and activities;
  • independent, reflective, logical and creative thinking;
  • cooperation with peers;
  • ability to organize safe physical games;
  • using the provided technology in accordance with established rules.

Included applications

28 interactive applications included

Download the leaflet about the For Fun collection!

You will find a description of the collection, a list of applications, and information on how to run the apps.

Why choose For fun game collection?

  • Beautifully illustrated applications attract the eyes of users.
  • There are games and animations in it - the perfect collection for everyday and special occasions.
  • Controlling the games is extremely simple with the use of movement.
  • It will work where the fun is supposed to spin by itself!
  • The vast majority of applications are team games for several users.
  • You can start the applications using a playlist!
Why choose For fun game collection?

Time for fun!

Movement and play are important in life way!