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How to play the games?

On the interactive floor

On the interactive floor

On the interactive table

On the interactive table

On the interactive wall

On the interactive wall

Use IR pens

Use IR pens

Competitive mode

Competitive mode

Divide the projection area into workspaces

Divide the projection area into workspaces

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The Minds Battles application collection can complement everyday educational activities for school children, as well as corrective, compensatory and revalidation classes. It can also make the time spent by children of all ages more attractive in day-care centers, educational institutions, community centers and at home.

The games are for everyone, especially for funs of two-player games on sheets of paper.

The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.

These apps are controlled by the interactive pens.

The package can support the stimulation of logical and strategic thinking of students at all educational stages. The games included in it shape the areas of cognitive development of children, with particular emphasis on strategic thinking and understanding the rules of games and competition. The inclusion of the Mingd Battles games in everyday educational activities enables getting experiences through play.

The authors of the applications tried to respond to the developmental needs of school age children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games.

The Minds Battles contain 10 interactive games designed for two, four or six players. The games refer to logical games that can be performed on a piece of paper. Their classic, well-known versions have been adapted to the interactive floor.

See the list of applications for details.

See sample screenshots

Active support for the child's development

With the Minds Battles games you can practice:

  • planning and foresight skills;
  • logical and strategic thinking;
  • analytical skills;
  • visual perception and cause and effect thinking;
  • concentration of attention;
  • cooperation and competition;
  • understanding and following the rules.

Take the Applications Guide with you!

Complete information on The Minds Battles apps collection.
List and descriptions of all applications.

Inspirations wait for you to make it real!

Why to choose the Minds Battles?

  • Support the development of your students' analytical and strategic thinking on a large, graphically attractive format.
  • Timeless two-player paper & pencil games.
  • Ideal proposition for spending free time.
  • Simple to use.
  • Perfect games for everyone!
Why to choose the Minds Battles?

Let's think strategic!

Challenge your friend in the most popular paper & pencil games!