Pawns In Action

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Pawns In Action board games can complement everyday educational activities for children in kindergarten, early school age, as well as corrective and compensatory and revalidation classes. They can also be a great alternative to traditional board games, making the time spent by children of all ages more attractive in educational institutions, community centers and at home.

The applications are dedicated to every board game fun. They are suitable for preschool, school children and adults.

The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.

These apps are controlled by the interactive pens.

Board games are designed to support the child's activity increasing the level of sensory integration and the ability to use the developing cognitive processes, as well as developing the skills of strategic and logical thinking, understanding the rules. In addition, playing board games increases the ability to create relationships, cooperation or competition.

Among the proposed games, we have games that stimulate movement, test and at the same time enrich you with knowledge, encourage you to count, and motivate you to think about the tactics of the game.

The authors of Pawns In Action tried to respond to the physical development needs of children in preschool and early school age, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games.

Pawns In Action is a collection of four interactive board games. Two of them are classic versions of the well-known and popular board games: Ludo and Mushrooming. Two other are new concepts, based on the mechanisms of quiz games, and additionally activating players to various excercise activities.

Active impact on child's skills development

Playing in "Pawns In Action" board games support:

  • strategic and logical thinking;
  • problem solving skills;
  • gaining the knowledge about the world;
  • motor skills, agility and dexterity;
  • ability to create relationships, cooperation or competition;
  • understanding emotions and ability to control them and express in a way allowing cooperation in a group;
  • understanding the rules and respecting them;
  • arranging safe games and activities.

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Why to choose Pawns In Action?

  • 4 board games in large format!
  • An excellent base of interactive board games for children to be used in various forms of activities, including revalidation.
  • They are classic and new board games exclusive to this pack.
  • Ergonomic interfaces of the games makes using them intuitive and simple.
  • Nice illustrated.
  • Tested by children and teachers.
Why to choose Pawns In Action?

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