Little Steps

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Control method: Motion interaction

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How to play the apps?

On the interactive floor

On the interactive floor

Interaction via body movement

Interaction via body movement

Team play

Team play

Coperating or competing

Coperating or competing

Learn more about the Little Steps

The games offered in Little Steps can enrich everyday educational activities for preschool and school children. They can complement corrective, remedial and revalidation classes. The applications can make the time spent by children of all ages more attractive in daycare centres, educational institutions, community centres, and at home. The proposed games are perfect for children who want to spend time on funny motion activities in a group or individually.

The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.

The applications are controlled by body motion.

The app collection aims to support a child's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development in early childhood education. The apps can help organize activities supporting the multidirectional growth of children, increasing the level of sensory integration, and shaping the ability to use the developing cognitive processes.

The proposed games and activities exercise visual perception, perceptiveness, reaction, language skills, taking the initiative, cooperation in a group, problem-solving, awakening curiosity, imagination, and creativity. The games have both recreational and educational functions. Activities on the interactive floor can be conducted in a group or individually with a child.

The authors of the app collection tried to respond to the developmental needs of preschool and early school-age children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe motion games.

The Little Steps collection of games includes forty interactive applications that respond to the movement of a person, supporting the child's multidirectional activity. You can find in the collection various puzzles, sport and music games, quizzes, picture albums, and other interactive fun.

Games have beautiful, landscape scenery, thus are attractive for both didactic and leisure time. Including them in educational situations enables experimentation and gaining experience, polysensory cognition, stimulation of the users' development in all areas: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.

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Active support for the child's development

Activities with the Little Steps help to practice:

  • respecting the rules of team games;
  • independent, reflective, logical, critical and creative thinking;
  • language skills;
  • recognizing letters and reading;
  • asking questions, noticing problems, collecting information needed to solve them, planning and organizing activities;
  • observing facts and natural phenomena;
  • motor skills and visual perception.

Included applications

42 interactive applications included

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Descriptions of all games.

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Why to choose the Little Steps?

  • It is an excellent base of interactive games and activities for children to use by teachers during various activities, including revalidation.
  • Interactive applications activate children to move and play together.
  • The collection has been designed with detail, focusing on the ergonomic interface of the games and intuitiveness in using them.
  • Games illustrated with beautiful, hand-made graphics.
  • The collection contains original and classic games and quizzes.
  • Your students will like these games!
Why to choose the Little Steps?

Become a little explorer!

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