Little Maths Heroes

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How to play the games?

On the interactive floor, table or even wall

On the interactive floor, table or even wall

Move on the selected answer or bounce the ball on it

Move on the selected answer or bounce the ball on it

Play as a team or individually

Play as a team or individually

Collaborate in the exercise

Collaborate in the exercise

Read more about the Little Maths Heroes

The Little Maths Heroes application collection can complement everyday educational activities for preschool and early school children, as well as corrective, compensatory, and revalidation classes. It can also make the time spent by children more attractive in day-care centers, educational institutions, community centers and at home.
It is especially dedicated to those who want to learn or practice the basics of mathematics.
The applications are designed for interactive floors. Check available devices powered by Motioncube.
The applications are controlled by body motion.
The apps collection is intended for the organization of activities supporting the gradual discovery and learning of basic mathematical concepts, such as number or arithmetic operation, in accordance with the adopted principle from concrete-pictorial thinking towards conceptual thinking.
The proposed exercises support perceptiveness, analytical thinking, shape recognition, and object classification.
The authors of the package tried to respond to the developmental needs of preschool and early school age children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games and movement games.
The Little Maths Heroes set contains 22 interactive applications supporting the process of teaching the basics of mathematics. Using words, pictures and symbols, it facilitates the understanding of basic mathematical concepts and operations necessary for independent use of them in various life situations.
The collection includes different quizzes, games and puzzles.

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Active support for the child's development

Working with the application of the Little Maths Heroes, you can practice:

  • classification of the items according to: shape, color, size and purpose,
  • distinguishing between basic geometric shapes,
  • counting elements of sets, adding and subtracting, distinguish between incorrect and correct counting, recognizing digits,
  • understanding the essence of mathematical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and relations between them;
  • independent, reflective, logical, critical and creative thinking,
  • asking questions, recognizing problems, collecting information needed to solve them, planning and organizing activities,
  • reading hours on a clock.

Included applications

22 interactive applications included

Take the Applications Guide with you!

Complete information on the Little Maths Heroes apps collection.
List and descriptions of all applications.

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Why to choose the Little Maths Heroes?

  • It is an excellent base of interactive mathematical exercises and logical games for children to be used by teachers in various forms of activities, including revalidation.
  • Interactive applications activate children to move and play together.
  • In a friendly way, you will introduce students to the world of basic mathematical concepts and operations.
  • It contains original exercises, games and quizzes.
  • Intuitive interface, simple to use.
  • Richly illustrated.
  • The most often choise of teachers.
Why to choose the Little Maths Heroes?

You can be the Maths Hero!

Meet the new face of mathematics!