Halloween fun

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Control method: Motion interaction

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What is the app collection for?

For the animation of children during Halloween games.

What games are included in the package?

Players will collect candies in the pumpkin, put fearful characters into the hollows, paint the scene with their body movement, and catch ghosts appearing in the windows.

What are the goals of the applications?

The proposed games focus on cooperation, perceptiveness and motor skills. In addition, the applications have beautiful, clear graphics to provide players with a pleasant visual experience.

What will you run the applications on?

Apps are intended for an interactive floor compatible with Motioncube. The games are controlled by the movement of the players' bodies.

Why choose the Halloween Fun apps?

  • The only motion-controlled Halloween apps on the market.
  • Beautifully illustrated.
  • Simple game logic.
  • It trains visual perception, cleverness, as well as compliance with the rules of games and teamwork.
  • Perfect fun for Halloween.
  • Happy gymnastics for body and spirit!
Why choose the Halloween Fun apps?

The ghosts are not so scary as they are painted

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