Early school exercises

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Control method: Interactive pens

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6-9 years

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How to play the games?

Play on the interactive floor or table

Play on the interactive floor or table

Use IR pens

Use IR pens

One player or team play

One player or team play

Divide into workspaces

Divide into workspaces

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For pupils aged 6 and up.

For early education of children.

The applications are designed for the Motioncube powered interactive floors.

They are operated with light pens. The work area on the floor can be divided into two three, or four interactive workspaces, allowing more children to play with the applications at the same time.

Learning through games and fun!

Acquiring new experiences in children, learning new words, consolidating the spelling of more complex words, and improving the calculation of actions in memory are done here through appropriately designed games and exercises. The jumping frog helps us train our memory, the bee and the ladybug motivate us to look for the right paths for them in labyrinths of numbers and shapes. Among the colourful illustrations, we practice our visual perception and the ability to categorize characters, objects, plants and animals. While playing, we learn about the habitats of various plants and animals. We read the hours and minutes on the clock and practice recording the time on the electronic alarm clock. The arithmetic here is full of colours, and the words are not empty words, because illustrations accompany them. By combining words from syllables, we learn to read faster, and by playing word-picture memory, we fix the words faster.

In addition, all applications are also developed for the English language, thus enabling language education for beginners and intermediate learners.

This collection is a great adventure with school education. Colourful, but without unnecessary distractors, diversified and in the form of mini-games. No boredom, because it's fun and challenging.

The authors of the app collaction tried to respond to the developmental needs of early school children, focusing primarily on supporting intellectual, motor and sensory skills during organized and safe games.

16 applications - Two language versions - Random task sets - Choice of difficulty levels

The applications contain a rich collection of questions from several areas: nature, vocabulary, math, coding.

1700 predefined questions plus randomly generated math tasks.

Active support of pupils development

By working with the applications of the Early School Exercises collection, you can shape:

  • visual perception and eye-hand coordination;
  • logical and analytical thinking;
  • memory and concentration;
  • reading skills, understanding instructions;
  • new vocabulary;
  • correct spelling of words;
  • ordering numbers ascending and descending in the range of 100;
  • ability to read time on the clock, writing from analogue to digital form time;
  • calculation skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers in the range of 100;
  • ability to create symmetrical pictures.
  • knowledge of various species of plants, animals and their habitats.
  • ability to work independently and in a team.

Why choose Early school exercises?

  • These are ready-made sets of interesting and developing exercises for pupils in grades 1-3.
  • Intuitive interface, simple to use with light pens, with the divided area into two applications.
  • Interactive applications communicate the correctness of solving the tasks in real time.
  • Various levels of difficulty of the tasks to choose from available in each application allow you to adjust the exercises to the stage of the child's development.
  • Proven and original ideas for exercises inspired by the nature and needs of children, created in cooperation with a teacher and a psychologist.
  • Tested by children with positive result!
Why choose Early school exercises?

Time to school? Time to play!

Learning is fun with us!